#FridayFavorite: Bee Bella’s Homemade Lip Balm

I’m all about home décor and decorating but this week I have to pause and rave about a product I picked up a couple weeks ago. Pumpkin Spice Bee Bella’s Homemade Lip Balm. It is amazing and just the right flavor for Fall! And really, how can you decorate your house with chapped lips?


Bee Bella’s Homemade Lip Balm is made in my home state of Wisconsin. The company was started by three friends: Jon Dudzinski, James Wiciak and Scott Haskins. Their mission, “To raise awareness about the honey bee epidemic, incentivize others to become beekeepers, and to contribute to programs aimed at saving the honey bee by serving as a conduit between local beekeepers and discerning customers.”

The sustainably produced lip balm comes in three flavors: door county cherry, peppermint and pumpkin spice.  They are packaged in a bamboo lipstick tube which you can be sent back to the company for refills. (Green, love it! ❤️)


I love getting behind local companies with a great mission. It’s Bee-utiful! (pun totally intended!) Checkout Bee Bella’s Homemade Lip Balm it’s this week’s #FridayFavorite!



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