#FridayFavorite: My Good Angel Ornaments

It’s not everyday you find a business that has great product and a meaningful company mission. I recently found both of those qualities in a company called My Good Angel. Founder Rosemary Taylor created her business after enduring through a series of life struggles – battling poor self-esteem, divorce and becoming a single mother. Angels were Rosemary’s symbol for staying positive and always thinking of the good life has to offer. Through these struggles, My Good Angel was created. Her mission is simple, “I want the whole world to remember that everyone – regardless of religious beliefs – has an angel who serves to remind them of their inherent Good and to always choose the right path.”

My Good Angel ornaments available in light and dark skin.

My Good Angel offers an array of angel jewelry, charms and ornaments. The ornaments being my favorite! They make great gifts whether as a stocking stuffer or as an adornment on a holiday gift. I have my angel hanging on my Christmas tree. She is a great reminder, during this holiday season, of the journey I have traveled so far and the gratefulness I have in my heart.

Makes a great gift topper!
My Good Angel hanging on the House Fenway Christmas tree.

My Good Angel is offering a fantastic sale this Black Friday weekend: 25% off orders of $50 or more with the code “BFANGEL” entered at checkout. Be sure to check out My Good Angel’s beautiful products and take advantage of this phenomenal holiday deal!

I love using ornaments as place setting favors.




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