3 Easy Ways to Wrap a Holiday Gift

We are down to the wire and Christmas is almost here! I don’t know why, but I always wait until the last minute to gift wrap. Here are a couple of quick gift wrapping ideas that only use a handful of items, and that will make you look like a gift wrapping pro!

Note: Twine, brown butcher paper, and ribbon. I always keep these staples on hand. They are neutral and versatile for any season or holiday and can also be used in many other crafts.

The Christmas Tree

Take a roll of twine, starting at the center of one side, wrap it length wise around the package.  Wind the twine around the package about 8-10 keeping the side closest to you keep at the center working in an array across the package creating a Christmas tree shape. When you are done wrapping the twine tie it off with a complimentary ribbon. This will be your “tree-topper”!


The Bow Tie

You can easily adjust the “Christmas Tree” into a “Bow Tie”.  Slide the ribbon from the top of the tree to the middle of the package. Straighten out the twine and evenly distribute it across the sides of the package. Finish it off with an adornment:an evergreen sprig, a twig of holly, a trinket or ornament.


The Band

Take the “Bow Tie” and turn it into “The Band”. Remove the ribbon and is holding the center together and mix up the order of the twine strands. Tuck a note card or greeting into the twine and fasten it with a festive clothespin. Voila! Adorable and practical.


Hope this helps you get all of that holiday wrapping done.
Enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas!


6 thoughts on “3 Easy Ways to Wrap a Holiday Gift

  1. Your wrapping ideas are all beautiful! I always procrastinate with wrapping, too, so the simpler the wrapping ideas, the better.

  2. I love these ideas and might use them with the few gifts I have left to wrap. I did use twine and and burlap ribbon on my gifts, but never thought to use them this way.

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