DIY: Winter Hat Ornament

These winter hat ornaments are the cutest and they are super easy to make. With just a few simple craft items and 15 minutes you can make an adorable winter hat ornament to put on your Christmas tree or give as a gift.


You will need:

A skein of yarn

A cardboard tube (paper towel, toilet paper or wrapping paper)




Craft Prep:

First, take the cardboard roll and fold it a bit for easier cutting. Cut a section of tube about 3/4″ thick.

Measure and cut approximately 40 strands of yarn 14″ inch long.



How to assemble:

Fold a strand of yarn in half inserting it through the cardboard ring.


Take the two ends and feed them through the loop creating a slip-knot.


Pull the yarn snug.

Repeat this process around the entire cardboard ring, aligning all the the slip-knots along the top.

Once you have completed the circle invert the yarn strands to make the hat cuff. Stuff the loose ends back through the tube.


To create the top of the hat take a piece of yarn  and tie all of the loose ends together.


Trim the ends to create the Pom Pom top.


To hold the hats shape, stuff the inside of the hat with 2-3 cotton balls.


Finish off the hat with a string for hanging.


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