About Me


I’m Melissa and welcome to my house! I’m a wife, mother of two boys, a lover of all things home, and an art director by day.   I love creating art, a good cup of strong black tea and spending my free time transforming our family house into a home.  As a child, art was my safe haven. I would sit under my father’s drafting table with one of his engineer rulers, a pad of scrap paper, a pencil and draw for hours. I knew from a very young age, creating and art would be my calling.

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House Fenway was started in the hopes of finding a much need creative outlet in-between shuttling kids to baseball practice, tackling loads of laundry and a full-time career as an art director. House Fenway has given me an opportunity to grow creatively, discover strengths I didn’t know I had and meet an amazing tribe of other creatives who are nothing but supportive. I hope you can follow along on my journey as I — celebrate my passions, decorate my home and indulge in a dessert recipe (or ten!)

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Melissa Malkowski
House Fenway; owner