Autumn Collection 2021

Autumn has to be one of my favorite times of the year. I live in Wisconsin, and we are very lucky that we get to enjoy all four seasons (even if it feels like Winter is 75% of it!). Autumn is a season of great transition. It shows how beautiful letting go and change can really be with its brilliance in color and texture. I knew I wanted to create a collection for this season that not only hit the more "traditional" side including pumpkins and getting cozy but the natural beauty and peace of the season. My landscapes are new to my portfolio, but have added another facet that I really enjoy creating. Landscapes were a natural fit for this collection and worked well with my overall theme.


 My Autumn Mood Board

Mood board for Autumn Collection 2021

House Fenway's Autumn Color Palette includes: Hunter Green (hex #3b3b2f), Rosemary Green (hex #94906d), Orange Gourd (hex #ce9462), Cashmere (hex #c3b6a3), and Midday Gray (hex #d6d6d6)

When starting out each new collection I create a mood board. This helps me collect my thoughts, ideas, colors, textures and theme all in one spot. It's extremely helpful for reference and it helps me define my direction even before I get started on a piece.

This Autumn Collection has a muted, earth tone-inspired color palette — shades of green, brown, orange and gray. Taking note of the Autumn leaves changing through the season. They start off green, go to a brilliant and bold color and then slowly dim at the end of the season. I wanted to reflect that in my art. Texture is another point to note. The rough edges and watercolor, paint-like strokes where an overall theme to this collection. I truly wanted the mood of this collection to not only come out with the obvious color selection, but the textures of the Autumn season.
Some people are surprised when I tell them, but all of the artwork I create for House Fenway is done completely digital. I have developed techniques to try and achieve the most paint realistic look as possible. For me, I am most comfortable with the digital medium and it allows me the flexibly to create at a fast pace.
Fall Art Print

Here is a close up of a finished print from my Autumn Collection 2021. You can really see the detail of the rustic edge on the landscapes in this collection! All prints produced for House Fenway are on the highest-quality acid-free paper and are carefully wrapped when shipped to your loving homes. 

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Moody Fall Landscape from the House Fenway Autumn collection 2021 Autumn Scarf Art PRint Moody Hillside Landscape Art Print

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