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Deck Your Halls with Free Holiday Printables

Don’t forget the 3 plaid printables are available for download – FREE! Love spreading the holiday cheer…Enjoy!

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DIY: Cinnamon and Applesauce Cutout Ornaments

I always try to take time out of my busy holiday schedule to do something fun with my boys. There is something so magical about creating something as a family that can be shared during the Christmas season. This year, we decided to make cinnamon and applesauce cutout ornaments. These are super simple to make, great to do with the kids and make your house smell amazing! Here is how to create these adorable and festive ornaments:



  • 1 cup applesauce
  • 1-1 1/4 cup ground cinnamon
  • toothpick or skewer
  • cookie cutters
  • cookie sheet
  • sheet of parchment paper
  • ribbon or twine


  • Preheat oven to 200° F. Line a sheet pan with parchment paper.
  • In a mixing bowl, combine the applesauce and cinnamon. It may take a few minutes for the mixture to come together. You want the dough to be able to form a ball without being too sticky. Add additional applesauce or cinnamon if needed to create the right consistency. You can mix the dough by hand, it may just take longer.


  • Sprinkle a clean surface with cinnamon (like you would with flour while rolling out pie dough). Place the dough on the surface and sprinkle with more cinnamon. Use a rolling pin to roll the dough to 1/4 inch thick, sprinkling with more cinnamon to keep from sticking.


  • Use cookie cutters to cut desired shapes and place on the prepared sheet pan so that they aren’t touching. Use a toothpick or skewer to poke a hole into each ornament (to attach string). Bake in the preheated oven for 1 1/2 – 2 hours or until rock hard.
  • Loop a decorative string through the ornament and hang on your tree

Note: DO NOT EAT. These ornaments are not intended for human consumption.



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DIY: Christmas Card Holder

Christmas cards will be showing up in the mail before you know it! Even in today’s technological age, there is something so wholesome and nostalgic in receiving a tangible greeting. The stamp, the pretty envelope, the message – it’s still one of the great thrills of the season. I love receiving Christmas cards, but have always struggled with how to display them. They are all so pretty and thoughtful; how could I just toss them aside? I usually resort to taping them up around the house, but by the end of the season half the cards have fallen down. So, I decided to challenge myself this week and tackle a DIY project with a thrift store find: A Christmas Card Holder. The holder was the perfect answer to my Christmas card dilemma. I’ll show you what I did and how you can make one for around $10-$15!


1 oversized frame

a tube of acrylic paint

sponge brush

a piece of medium grit sandpaper


hot glue gun (3-4 glue sticks)

8-10 yards of ribbon (in a variety of styles and widths)

5-10 clothes pins

I stopped at my local thrift store to pick up a frame. I wanted the frame to be large enough to display a handful of cards, have some unique detail and cheap enough not to break the bank. I found this picture for $5 and thought it would work perfectly!

$5 for my thrift store find.

Dismantle the frame removing the glass and picture. Wipe the frame down making sure it is clean and grease-free.


Using a sponge brush apply two coats of acrylic paint (the color of your choice), waiting in between coats for it to dry.

After the frame is completely dry. Lightly sand with some medium grit sandpaper to create a weathered feel and reveal some of the frame detail.

I found all of my ribbon at the dollar store and Target’s Dollar Spot.

Once the frame is painted, it was time to attach the ribbons.

Cut the ribbon into stripes the width of the frame.

Using a glue gun, attach the ribbon to the back of the frame making sure the ribbon is taut enough it will not sag. Work your way down the frame from the top to bottom, mixing up the ribbon styles as you go.




Once the glue has cooled it is ready to hang.

Attach your beautiful holiday cards with clothes pins and enjoy! 🎄😄

My finished card holder.
The perfect display of all my treasured Christmas cards.


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Deck Your Halls with Free Holiday Printables

Merry Christmas Free Printable



Surprise… It’s an early Christmas present! Free Christmas printables to deck your halls this holiday season. These work best in a square frame (8″x8″). I went mad for plaid this season and created these festive downloads for my wonderful readers. Share, print, frame and make your season even merrier! ~ Melissa @ House Fenway


Merry Christmas Download


Season’s Greetings Download

It's a Wonderful Life Free Printable

It’s a Wonderful Life Downnload

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DIY: Easy Thanksgiving Napkin Ring

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. What a wonderful time of year. A season full of yummy food, getting together with family and holiday decorating! (Oh and football. Can’t forget about football!) One of my favorite things to do to prep for Thanksgiving dinner, the tablescape. Picking out the tablecloth, the napkins, the place cards and the centerpiece — the most fun! This year I started earlier than usual gathering items to piece together our Thanksgiving table and came up with an easy and inexpensive napkin ring that I wanted to share with you. All the items came from, dare I say it, the DOLLAR STORE! I think even the most inexperienced crafter can handle this one.



Napkins (cloth work best)

A Roll of Natural Jute Twine

A Roll of Burlap Ribbon

A Sprig Faux Fall Leaves.



Start with all of the cutting first. Cut a piece of burlap ribbon 5 inches long, a piece of jute twine 3 ft long and another piece of jute twine 12 inches long. These three pieces will be used to construct the bow and ring.


Take the piece of burlap ribbon and pinch in the center. Take the 3 foot piece of jute twine and tie it in a knot around the center of the burlap ribbon.



img_0544Start winding the jute twine around the burlap ribbon until you get almost to the end. The more evenly you wind the twine, working from one side to the other, the nicer it will look.


Once you’ve reached the end, pick up the last loop and stick the end through that loop making a slip-knot.


You now have constructed the bow! Now to attach it to the napkin.


Take the 12 inch piece of twine and loop it through the back of the center of the bow.


Pinch the corners of the napkin together and place the bow on top tightly wrapping the 1 foot piece of twine around the napkin. Wind the twine to secure the bow to the napkin and neatly tie a knot on the back to finish it off.



Now to jazz it up! I cut up a sprig of faux fall leaves and tucked a single leaf into the top of the ring. The possibilities are endless as to what you could add: pinecones, a sprig of rosemary, a real leaf from the yard, a branch of evergreen. You can be as creative as you want. Have fun with it!


Here is a place setting using the finished product:


I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy!