May Calendar Downloads: Lilly of the Valley

May Calendar Downloads: Lilly of the Valley

It’s May! My favorite month of the year. Well, it’s my birthday month …so of course it’s my favorite! This month, I’ve created a calendar set with one of my favorite springtime flowers, Lilly of the Valley. At my childhood home, we always had a large patch that would pop up every May. These little pretties take me back. Enjoy these dainty little flowers and have a wonderful May! ~M

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April Sweet Pea Calendar Download

April Sweet Pea Calendar Download

This month it’s all about Sweet Peas, April’s official flower. Voted on by my followers on Instagram, it’s the perfect choice for this month. They’re soft, delicate and absolutely beautiful! Refresh your space and download this months free calendar download. Enjoy! ~M

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March Magnolia Calendar Download

March Magnolia Calendar Download

Spring is almost here and nothing reminds me more of spring than magnolia blossoms. As a young girl, my neighbor had a magnolia tree in her front yard. I would ride my bike over every spring and pick up magnolia petals from the ground, collecting them like jewels. I still remember the fragrance blowing through my bedroom window. Those fond spring memories inspired this months calendars — Magnolia Spring. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them. Happy March! 🙂

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❤ Love Letter Garland ❤️

❤ Love Letter Garland ❤️

I’ve been on a huge crafting kick these past 6 weeks. I guess, it’s a good way to get through this harsh Wisconsin winter, right? My latest craft obsession — garland and bunting. It’s fun, decorative and the options are only limited by your own creativity! I wanted to share with you an easy and fun craft project that’s perfect for this upcoming Valentine’s Day: Love Letter Garland. Not only is this an adorable decoration for Valentine’s Day, you can insert little love letters into each envelope. It’s a fun way to spread some love during the month of February to a spouse, child or other special person.



Ten, 6″ x 6″ Pieces of Scrapbook Paper (to make the little envelopes)

Ten, 4″ x 4″ *or smaller* pieces of paper (to write your love notes)


Glue Stick

6′ of ribbon, twine or string


Stickers (optional)

Heart Template (download template >>)


Cut out the heart from the template. You will use this to trace its shape on the back of each piece of scrapbook paper.


With scissors, cut out each heart. These hearts will become your little envelopes.

Fold each side of the heart inward. Lightly crease each fold.


Turn the heart upside down and fold the curved part of the heart towards the point. Lightly crease the fold.


img_2296Fold the point of the heart down towards the middle to create an little envelope.


To keep the envelope together, use a glue stick and rub a dab on each end inbetween the folds.


Write little love letters and insert them in the envelopes. String the envelopes on a piece of twine or ribbon. Seal the envelopes with stickers or seals. The skies the limit on how you want to decorate these cute little envelopes. I strung some XOXO ribbon on each end to finish it off. Have fun with it! Enjoy. 😍