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Home is Where the Heart Is: Gallery Wall

I’ve always wanted a gallery wall. They’re pretty, they’re popular and they seem like a lot of work! The thought of collecting enough stuff, arranging it just so and hanging every piece with precision would likely send me into a panic attack. It seemed like a really hard project to tackle but I was determined to have one in my new house.

What should I have in my gallery wall? I didn’t want random items with no real meaning. I decided against family pics; they get outdated too fast and I’m horrible at getting picture developed. I wanted something with meaning. Something that would make me smile when I walked past. I did a little soul searching and decided that my “home” makes me happy. I love the city I live in, Milwaukee. It’s full of beautiful architecture, next to a wonderful lake. I was born here, raised here and now raise my own family here. I decided to do a small collection of items in honor of my hometown. It took me awhile to “collect” everything (I can be picky) but I was pleased with the grouping. The group consisted of 2 instagram pics I took of downtown Milwaukee, an illustration of the Milwaukee skyline done by a local artist, a handmade metal cutout of Wisconsin with a Magnetic heart and a wood carved letter “M”.


Now to layout an arrangement. I decided to put it in my front hallway. It was a good location that I would pass multiple times a day. So I went to work, trying different layouts until I was pleased with the outcome. I placed the items on the floor and moved them around into different arrangements.

Attempt #1:


Attempt #2:


I decided on this layout. I thought it was a good balance of color and texture and would fit the wall nicely.

Attempt #3: the final


Of course, I picked a wall that needed some TLC – patching and painting. (*My favorite*) I picked out a paint color and got to work.

img_0297I chose Granite Boulder by Behr Paint. I love Behr paint. It covers well and cleans well.

After spending a whole Sunday afternoon taping, trimming and rolling, I had a finished product! Here are before and after pictures.



The finished gallery wall! I’m so glad I decided to tackle this project. It makes me smile every time I walk past it. 😄







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Fall Décor Trend: Copper

The leaves are turning colors and everyone’s drinking pumpkin spice lattes — it must be FALL! Fall decorating is one of my favorite parts of the season. The warm autumn color palette and natural elements can really transform your space and celebrate the season.

This year’s must-have: Copper!

It’s warm, it’s inviting and it’s all the rage. Copper kicks the traditional autumn color palette up a notch with its metallic brightness and warm undertones. You can add copper to your space without totally breaking the bank and here are some of my favorites:


William Sonoma’s Fall Botanical Tabletop with Hammered Copper Charger and Goblets

Tip: Add a couple copper accent pieces to your existing dinnerware. A copper charger under a stack of plate at a setting or add a set of super popular Moscow Mule mugs. A couple of small additions can really transform a Fall tablescape.


KitchenAid ® Copper Metallic Series Stand Mixer

This is a little more of a splurge but how can you resist!? The KitchenAid® Copper Metallic Series Stand Mixer is so pretty it has to stay on the kitchen counter. Stuffing this mixer in a cabinet would be sacrilege!


Adesso Amber Glass Shade Table Lamp

Adesso’s amber glass shade table lamp could be a great addition to a desk, end table or accent table. The base is made of grained white marble (another one of my favorite trends!). For around $100, it’s a no-brainer!


Crate & Barrel’s Martin Copper Beverage Tub with Orb Copper Shaker

Can you say Moscow Mule? Copper is a huge trend in barware! Put your favorite drinks on ice with a copper beverage tub or add a set of Moscow Mule mugs to your back bar.