Wildflower Writings Art Collection

Wildflower Writings Art Collection

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately, but with good reason. I have been working hard on a new art collection. Illustrating and building up a small House Fenway shop of home decor items on Etsy.  My heart has always been with illustrating. It’s a wonderful outlet for me and has gotten me through some of the toughest times.

I wanted to share with you my latest work, Wildflower Writings Art Collection. It’s a mix of beloved quotes, sentiments, and hand-illustrated flowers. It’s been a fun project to work on and I’m looking forward to expanding on it as the year goes on. These pieces are available for purchase on my new Etsy shop.

Wildflower Writing Prints

Bloom with Grace Print
Bloom with Grace Art Print available in 2 sizes.

Bloom with Grace Print

“Wherever life plants you, BLOOM with grace.” This empowering quote is delicately illustrated among a variety of wildflowers and finished on a faux chalkboard background.

Charming Gardeners Print
Charming Gardeners Art Print available in 2 sizes

Charming Gardeners Print

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” This simple yet empowering quote is delicately illustrated among a variety of wildflowers including white daisies, yellow snapdragons, and purple thistles. A great little print to display on its own or to add to a gallery wall.

Among the Wildflowers Print
You Belong Among The Wildflowers Art Print available in 2 size

You Belong Among the Wildflowers Print

“You belong among the wildflowers.” This simple yet empowering quote is delicately illustrated among a bouquet of white daisies. An elegant little print to display on its own or to add to a gallery wall.

Love Grows Here Art Print

Love Grows Here Print

“Love Grows Here.” This simple yet empowering quote is delicately illustrated among a variety of wildflowers including white daisies, yellow snapdragons, and red poppies. A great little print to display on its own or to add to a gallery wall.

Love is the flowe ryou've got to let grow.
A famous quote from John Lennon.

Love is the Flower Print

“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” ~John Lennon This empowering quote is delicately illustrated among a variety of wildflowers and finished on a faux chalkboard background.


Brave and Courageous Print

“She is Brave and Courageous.” This empowering quote is delicately illustrated among a variety of wildflowers and finished on a faux chalkboard background.

Wildflower Writing Tea Towels


Love Grows Here – Tea Towel

“Love Grows Here” The perfect message to display in the area most used by your family, the kitchen.

• Made of high-quality white organic cotton/linen fabric
• Back trim features a mint green accent
• Loop ribbon for hanging

Charming Gardener Tea Towel
Cotton tea towel with floral design

Charming Gardeners Tea Towel

“Grateful to the people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” The perfect gift to give that special person that makes others happy and is a true “Charming Gardener” of the soul.

• Made of high-quality white organic cotton/linen fabric
• Back trim features a deep plum purple accent
• Loop ribbon for hanging

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Maker’s Talk with Munga Vision

Maker’s Talk with Munga Vision

One of my favorite parts about creating House Fenway is connecting with other artists, learning about their craft and their artistic process.  This week I’m sharing an interview I did with one of my maker friends, Kristen, owner of Munga Vision. She is a wonderfully talented artist, mother and boss babe!

Tell us what Munga Vision is and how it started?

The current vision of Munga Vision actually began a little less than 2 years ago. Before that, I was using my website as a portfolio page for contract work as a webmaster and designer for small businesses. I did stationery on the side just for fun, but it was slowly evolving with requests and I really fell in love with the more artistic things I was producing. When our 2nd child was about 6 months old I realized I was spread too thin trying to get the art stuff that I wanted to do in, kids and family life, and all my contract work. While I miss the steady paycheck of contracts over retail, I am happier than ever with the decision to change my work life and make a go at that crazy dream. Luckily my hub’s is super supportive and thought to scale back with contract obligations was a good idea to see how it pans out too. I’m sure most adults can relate at some point in time to the balancing act of life and feeling a constant time strain with things you don’t particularly enjoy doing. Thus, I phased out my corporate gigs over a couple months and let the art take center stage.

What is the meaning behind the name Munga Vision?

Munga is actually my family nickname for me. In college, I had to come up with a website name and fictitious company for one of my classes. I went with that name and in the end, just stuck. I think I was married a couple years before my mother in law realized it was a nickname when she heard my dad calling me that!


ORIG008 rockmemama_80fa04c9-032a-403f-a782-bae2f95d1c91_1024x1024


What is your favorite part of the creative process and why?

Coming up with the ideas is so much fun to me. Over the past two years, I have tried to streamline my brain and channel those ideas into a series to release to make the marketing and projects more cohesive. I do love, in the end, seeing it come together, but honestly, I often get impatient during the ACTUAL PROCESS. I am always 10 steps at a time kind of personality and so it’s hard for me to slow it down and enjoy the ride of each design. I really try to get myself to focus on one project series at a time now rather than starting a dozen different things at once and taking a year to finish them all. The first collection I focused on to help my branding was The Spring in Country poster line and since then I continue to release things in series. The truth though, sometimes I still end up with a dozen different things going, custom orders, and will still piece in one-off projects to sell too.

You have a vast array of product. Which product do you enjoy making the most?

Currently, it’s been painting. I don’t actually do it as often as I’d like because it’s easier to work on the computer in short increments of time and projects, but I love layering and piecing stuff together. Even when I used to do things in the dark room it was always fun to crop and blur and angle stuff to me. Painting is one of those things too that you don’t have to be really good at it to me to create something you love. A lot of time incredible painters are clearly talented, but it’s not something I’d ever hang on my walls. Then you get a kid who throws around some of their favorite colors with no rules and you get this piece of sunshine that just makes you happy. I think painting is one of the only mediums where that happens too. I definitely am not the greatest painter, but I balance that with my digital expertise and usually bring it into the digital world after to tweak and add text and make something that while not technically unique in the brush strokes is something totally different that will maybe strike someone as the perfect piece for their home. 



You have your own online shop. Do you find you enjoy it more than your original shop on the Etsy platform?

Urgh, it’s tough. I actually still really love Etsy and you can find my stuff on there, but that’s because I get more random traffic still from Etsy. I am trying really hard to bring up that dreaded “SEO” for my site this year and am seeing improvements, but I don’t see myself ever fully leaving Etsy and all the great clients I meet through there.  Etsy is really special as a platform because it’s very intentional with the people who use it to shop small and handmade. That’s really a quality that is easily lost in all the options today. I do love working my own site though because of the flexibility. If you visit my site you don’t drift off to 100 other cool and similar products like you do on Etsy and I can state my message and be more streamlined too. Eventually, the goal is to significantly bring more traffic to my own website www.mungavision.com and I dedicate most of my time to focusing on that development. Loading new products is sort of an afterthought now and I tend to keep more of the stationery and stuff that sells well on it from previous years rather than adding everything that’s new.

Do you do Munga Vision as a full-time job?

Munga Vision is officially my full-time gig now though I wouldn’t say I am making a living of it yet as I have found costs of a small business are high and am working to find that better balance to consider myself successful at running a small business. I was much more successful when I was still doing contracts as my company then only retail!  I am very fortunate that my husband has great benefits though so we have health care through him. It really is hard not to compare yourself to other small shops and where you’d like to be, but I try to remind myself of all that I’ve grown in less than 2 years time and hope that by the time our youngest is of school age I am far enough along to warrant keeping the gig as my full-time position!

How often do you do markets and shows? And do you enjoy doing them?

Love doing shows and hate doing shows. Does that make any sense?! They are a TON of work even if not a big one and often you don’t make any money. It’s really hard to predict. However, there is no better way to put yourself out there, get feedback on new products, potentially make a great income for the day and get new customers. I started doing shows with a giveaway by collecting email addresses and now that is usually a good goal for me. Even if I don’t sell much that day I may still collect 100 new emails sometimes at a small fair and potentially make a lifetime customer down the line. With young kids at home and them always being on the weekend though I tend to only do a handful a year. I also live in NC and have had to decline some big summer shows because my products get ruined in the heat with the packaging melting. I am looking for some great additional fairs though to add in the fall or any INDOOR summer fairs if people reading know of any for the summer months in the Raleigh area.



What is your favorite art medium and why?

Probably my favorite art medium is one that I can’t/don’t do ever…watercolor! It’s soooo versatile and pretty on your walls to your invitations, but I am too impatient. With acrylic or oils or digitally I love that I can layer and if I mess up try again without completely throwing out the whole piece, but with watercolor, it’s like you mess up and have to trash it. I just don’t have the patience for it and admire all the artists in my life who produce beautiful pieces. I do play with watercolors in the digital world either on the iPad now or more often altering stock images I like to piece together into something brewing in my mind. I think of it as collage art when I use stock and taking something from a bank that exists, but cutting it and putting it together with other elements to get something new. 

Where do you see Munga Vision in 3-5 years?

I don’t have million dollar dreams for Munga Vision but hopefully realistic. I’d like to make a decent salary AFTER COSTS to warrant continue working for myself and the fun and flexibility it allows me. Right now with young kids and the schedules that go along with it that aspect buys me time to lay the foundation. I hope over the next 3 years to grow my online sales and store presence and find that magic formula that at the end of the year I am making an average graphic designer salary that I would make working for someone else. For me personally, I don’t want to grow so big that I need full-time employees or have to give up the design aspect. I love creating and enjoy the hours I get to spend in doing so and really just want to get to that point where I can do so comfortably and plan a little for retirement and reality.  I just read #GIRLBOSS and it was interesting to hear her talk about how she recently stepped down from CEO because she had to give up so much of the other aspects of why she started Nasty Girl in the first place. It reminded me that while chasing dreams, it’s important to remember who’s dream I am running toward and nobody ever looks quite the same.

What is one important lesson you have learned while owning your own business that you could pass onto other makers?

Take time to do it right when you know it needs to be done, but don’t overthink taking the leap if you don’t know yet. Learning as you go is an amazing way to learn how to do something right. Things are always changing, especially in retail, and often you never quite know anything until you go for it. I am not telling you to be lazy in implementation and ignore things to rush and put something out there, but I just mean don’t get caught up in your head over thinking it to perfection. Perfection is subjective in this world and maybe it’s learning the hard way, but I think just doing it is how you learn it right. I am sure I’ve looked like an idiot plenty of times in this business, but each time I hopefully get a little better. 


re:Craft & Relic Show Sneak Peek

re:Craft & Relic Show Sneak Peek

It shouldn’t be a surprise by now that I have a great love for the arts and supporting artists and their small businesses. In this new world of technology and conveniences I’ve noticed a great resurgence of art, craftsmanship and an over all appreciation for relics from the past. An amazing thing to celebrate and get excited about!

This “art and relic” resurgence is celebrated by a local Wisconsin show, re:Craft & Relic. The curated show is put on a three times a year and includes 150+ artists, junkers and makers who are selling their wares and treasures. This coming weekend (Nov 10 & 11, 2018), I have the privilege to hangout at the show, meet with local artists and shop for some wonderful treasures myself.

Show Information

re:Craft & Relic
Milwaukee County Sports Complex
6000 W Ryan Rd
Franklin, WI 53132

Saturday, Nov. 10th  – 10 a.m. -4 p.m.
(9 a.m. for VIP ticket holders)

Sunday, Nov. 11th – 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

If you are within driving distance to the greater Milwaukee area, I highly recommend coming out and seeing the re:Craft and Relic show for yourself! It’s an artist and junker’s paradise! Need some convincing? We’ll look no further! I have an exclusive sneak peak for you of some of the vendors that will be selling this weekend.

Check out these wonderful makers and we’ll see you there!!

re:Craft & Relic Sneak Peek


3 Wren Street

Business location: Racine, WI

Our family sells vintage and antiques as 3 Wren Street at flea markets, antique malls, vintage pop up events, and even out of our garage! We also sell online and have an Etsy shop.  Our booth spaces are a mix of everything we love – industrial pieces, primitive items, shabby chic finds, classic antiques, and more! We try to bring unique items to each show we sell at, but also bring the “staples” that our repeat customers expect to find. We are in the process of moving from Racine, WI to Door County, WI so we’ll be doing a lot more shows in that area starting next year. People can also find us on Facebook. We post pictures of new finds, links to items listed in our Etsy shop, and our upcoming shows on Facebook.


A Happy Thought Indeed

Business location: West Allis, WI

A Happy Thought Indeed is a mix of handmade jewelry, apparel, home decor and vintage finds all inspired by nature, literature and a bit of whimsy.  (large space @ The Bees Knees Homestead in Brookfield, WI)


Ava Grace Clothing

Business location: Mukwonago, WI

We sell quality, handmade clothing for Women and Children.


Bird’s Tail Designs

Business location: Milwaukee, WI

Meaningful, minimalist jewelry made by women, for women to empower women. www.birdstail.com


The Fancy Farmhouse

Business location: Hubertus, WI

Wisconsin-built quality handcrafted furniture with a farmhouse style! Message me for custom order requests!

GBSJune17-52 WEB.jpgGBS_Shadowbox02.jpg

Green Beetle Shop

Business location: Wheatfield, IN

We create handmade, one-of-a-kind insect displays using exotic specimens from around the world. Ethically & sustainably sourced. {No, we don’t kill them…that would be sad}


Hattie & Elsie

Business location: Janesville, WI

A wide variety of home decor, gifts, and vintage. Hattie & Elsie is best known for their signs made from antique ceiling tin.


Hello Lavender

Business location: Woodstock, IL

I’m the owner and maker behind Hello Lavender. I’m a knitter, crocheter, indie yarn dyer, and fiber jewelry designer draped in mustard yellow and running off a steady intake of coffee (and/or wine, chocolate, donuts and pizza) to bring you modern knitwear & fashion accessories.


Inspired Scribe
Business location: Mukwonago, WI

Delight, inspire and encourage with Inspired Scribe’s fabulous word art on luxe paper and wood. Choose from a great selection of designs printed with love on greeting cards, t shirts, gift items, mugs, keychains, magnets and flour sack towels. Find something for everyone on your gift list!

re:Craft & Relic and
The Fancy Farmhouse GIVEAWAY!


Win this beautiful Christmas tree stand box from The Fancy Farmhouse WI (valued at $100)! and 2 VIP tickets to re:Craft and Relic this Saturday and Sunday.





Maker’s Monday: The Vintage Nest

Maker’s Monday: The Vintage Nest


I have decided to start a new little series on my blog to celebrate something that is near and dear to my heart — small creative businesses! Each Monday, I’ll be featuring a small business and/or artist, their wares and a little bit about them. Since starting House Fenway 2 years ago, it has always been a fun experience meeting other makers and enjoying their creations. The thought and heart that goes into products made by small businesses and artists far out ways anything you could purchase from a big box retailer. So stay tuned every Monday for House Fenway’s Maker’s Monday series and make sure to check out all of the amazing talent out there!

My necklace from The Vintage Nest featuring a fern leaf which is symbolic of sincerity.

This week’s Maker’s Monday feature is a jewelry artist from Virginia, The Vintage Nest. Whitney, The Vintage Nest owner, crafts handmade botanical and faith inspired jewelry to inspire and encourage. These one-of-a-kind pieces feature hand-pressed flowers, leaves and even mustard seeds and are the perfect accent to finish off any wardrobe. The Vintage Nest offers an array of necklace styles, earrings and pendants in this unique vintage style.

If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry with heartfelt meaning and vintage charm or a gift with special sentiment, look no further than The Vintage Nest.


Photo Source: The Vintage Nest

Love shopping local and supporting small business?
Check out another great maker, MNK Candle


Want to be featured in an upcoming Maker’s Monday? I’d love to have you! Fill out the form to submit your small business for your chance to be featured.
Maker’s Monday Submission Form

Small Maker Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Small Maker Holiday Gift Guide 2017


Applelini Designs
Business location: Texas
Handmade and made-to-order wood signs, from our home to yours.

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Receive 10% off your order with promo code GIFTGUIDE10


Betsey Grace Designs
Business location: Wisconsin
“I mostly create farmhouse style decor & gifts. My favorite items to make are shirts, signs, hand towels, and most recently ornaments. I started my shop about a year ago and I’m so thankful that I did because it brings me great joy to create and I have met so many incredible people along this journey. I feel so proud to be a part of the maker community because the love and support that the creators I’ve met along the way share with one another is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I’m also so thankful for every customer that comes my way, I can’t express how happy it makes me when I see something that I made bring happiness and excitement to someones day.”

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Receive 10% of your order with promo code FENWAY


Betty and Marie Designs
Business location: Arkansas
Hand crafted signs…from our hands to your home.
“I put a lot of heart into each part of the sign making process. I work hard to ensure the very best quality and attention to detail in each and every sign.  My goal is to provide high quality, inspiring, meaningful and fun signs that you will be proud to display in your home or to give as a special gift.”

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Save 15% off any purchase with promo code INSTA10. Valid through November 17, 2017.


Brave Season Design
Business location: Minnesota
“We are a husband and wife team working out of our woodshop (aka garage) in central Minnesota – inspired by our two children, fueled by a little bit of coffee and a lot of faith – creating handmade custom signs and wall art that bring joy into your life and home! We started out with a specific vision in mind, but our amazing friends and family have requested signs that have stretched us creatively and now a large percentage of the signs we make are custom orders and we love every minute of it!”

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Receive 10% off your order with promo code MERRY10


A Bushey and a Peck
Business location: New Jersey
Selling handmade décor with a vintage touch. Sets of vintage-styled music sheet sets ($15 shipped) and music scroll-stuffed glass ornaments ($10 for a set of 2, shipped) are available to purchase. Email Trisha at A Bushey and a Peck to purchase via PayPal.
Email A Bushey and a Peck >


Crafty Dogwood
Business location: Wyoming
“Our backyard is the great Yellowstone Park. Our mission: create products that are a pleasure to give and to use. We source our ingredients carefully and try to source all elements of our products locally. Our pine cones are hand-picked on land we call home and all of the soaps and candles we sell are items we use in our home daily. We do all of this with love.”

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
$5 off purchases of $30 or more which is valid Nov. 1 – 31st. The coupon code for this is: GIFTGUIDELOVE

Free Shipping with no minimum purchase required Nov. 19 -27. No coupon code is required.


The Content Crown
Business location: Arizona
“I design & create handmade handbags, jewelry and home accessories from reclaimed vintage wares and repurposed finds. I love creating on-of-a-kind items from things of the past, giving them new purpose.”

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Receive 10% off your order with promo code HFHOLIDAY


Dandelion Wishes Home
Business location: Ohio

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Save 15% off any purchase with promo code XMAS15. Valid through December 11, 2017.


The Fashionable Farm Girl
Business location: Minnesota
“I’m a globetrotting Minnesota farm girl with a passion for designing pretty and functional accessories. My goal is to make products you love because they add joy and functionality to your life. From wristlets to tote bags, I’ve got you covered!”

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Receive FREE domestic shipping through December 1, 2017 with promo code FENWAY

2017-09-25 03.31.38 1.jpg

ForEveritts Home
Business location: Ohio
Reclaiming and preserving the beauty found in nature… Just as God breathes new life into us through salvation, I select my wood from scrap piles and shape it into something new and beautiful. My art is designed to last with preserved moss and faux florals that require no maintenance over time. Each piece is handmade to order, and I take great care to provide my customers with a personal, meaningful experience!

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Save 15% off any purchase with promo code HOLIDAY. 


Four Sisters Farm Soap Co.
Business location: Missouri
Four Sisters Farm Soap Co. is a little farm nestled against the woods, down a lonely dirt road. Where imagination dwells, fun inspires and life is always happening. Handmade natural soaps. Vegan friendly.

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Save 15% off any purchase with promo code INSTAGRAM. 


GamGamz Handcrafted
Business location: Michigan
Handmade pillow covers, scarves, and linens in a range of sizes and patterns. A little something for everyone!

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Save 20% off any purchase through Nov 30th with promo code HAPPYHOLIDAYS17 


Goldendrop Garlands
Business location: Indiana
“What started out as a fun DIY project for myself and a few friends quickly turned into a business a few years ago. Now I make cute, whimsical garlands out of 100% wool pom poms for all of my yet-to-be friends! I typically only sell garlands that I truly love – color combinations that inspire me and “feel right.” Almost every time I send out an order I think to myself, “that was my favorite one” until I make a new order!”

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Save 15% off any purchase with promo code FENWAY15


GypsySoul Market Box
Business location: Ohio 
Gypsy Soul Market Boxes are perfectly curated & full of an eclectic mix of specialty items, handcrafted goods, natural wellness products, inspiration, fair trade merchandise and vintage finds . Custom boxes can be created for any theme. Monthly Subscription available . The perfect gift for any occasion .


Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Receive 15% off your order with promo code GYPSYJINGLE


Hat & Rabbit
Business location: Indiana
Hat & Rabbit is an online boutique specializing in machine embroidered tea towels. Our towels are inspired by vintage kitchen textiles and bad puns. Each towel design and fabric is carefully curated and made by hand.

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:

Save 10% off any purchase online using promo code GIFTGUIDE


Heartland Charm
Business location: Ohio
Handcrafted, personalized items, screen printed shirts, jewelry, and refurbished furniture.
To place an order, please contact Megan via email.

www.facebook.com/heartlandcharmco/     www.instagram.com/heartland_charm/


The Honey Bee Mill
A carefully curated collection of beautiful vintage books and other vintage farmhouse decor pieces as scales, Ironstone, vintage ornaments, and transferware to name a few.


The Honey Hive Workshop
Business location: Okotoks, Canada
Custom handcrafted felt creations made for busy bees.

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:

Save 10% off any purchase with promo code MERRY17


Janellabee Studio
Business location: Missouri
Artist Janelle Crawford-Hine creates beautiful handmade linocut cards and nursery prints. Inspired by motherhood, family these sweet linocuts are perfect to hang in a nursery or give as a gift to an expectant mother.

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Save 10% off any purchase with promo code HOLIDAYS2017


Little Creek Uniques
Business location: Indiana
Handmade home decor and unique vintage finds! Lettered signs, shirts and bags that make the perfect Christmas gift.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 7.35.13 AM.png

Keeley Behling Studios
Business location: Washington
Specializing in unique, one of a kind items redesigned from silverware into beautiful jewelry and home goods.

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:

Save 25% off any purchase with promo code FENWAY


Legacy Wood Designs
Business location: Illinois
Connie was one of the greatest mother in-laws ever! She was always full of encouragement and, in 2015, she lost her battle with breast cancer and our family misses her so much. I knew I had to do something special to keep her legacy alive. So, in her honor I began designing and making wood signs with different sentiments, poems and bible verses. My hope is that my signs would serve as an encouragement and inspiration to others in the same way Connie encouraged and inspired us.

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Receive 10% off you purchase with promo code HOF10


Meek Candle Co.
Business location: Georgia
Meek Candle Co. offers highly scented soy candles handpoured in Snellville, Georgia. Each candle is made from the highest quality materials that are also eco-friendly. The wax is made from American grown soy beans – a completely renewable natural resource. The cotton and paper wicks are free from lead and zinc. And the candles are scented with premium fragrance oils that include essential oils. The cute little mason jars make perfect gifts and can be easily cleaned and reused. The holiday line includes scents like: Fireside, Vanilla, Caramel Cake, Cypress and Berries, Christmas, Mistletoe, Poached Pear, Ginger Tea, Gingerbread, and Winter Woodland.

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Buy 4 or more candles and receive free shipping on your order. No promo code needed.


Business location: Wisconsin
“I make hand-lettered products and offer calligraphy services. I lovingly hand-paint each of these wood slices – no stencils! My goal is to spread encouragement and a love of all things handmade.”

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Receive 15% off your purchase with promo code GIFTGUIDE

DSC_2949 (1).jpg

NEL’s Rustic Signs
Business location: Connecticut
NEL’s Rustic Signs specializes in hand painted wood signs. What started as a hobby creating signs for my family and friends turned into a shop that I can share with you all. Each piece is cut, painted and framed by me, with lots of love and care!

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Save 20% off any purchase with promo code HOUSEFEN20



Business location: Idaho and Ohio
“We’re two sisters who love to create items to help you celebrate birthdays, showers, holidays, and a fun family dinner.  We make everything in our shop by hand and with the inspiration of our families, we design decor that helps make memories. You can tell by looking through our shop, we have a love for flowers.  We love to make them and we love to use them in the items we create!  Thanks for checking out our shop and Merry Christmas from our families to yours!”

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:

Save 10% off any purchase in our shop through December 31st with promo code HOUSEFENWAY10


Par La Grace
Business location: Mississippi
Handmade signs and home decor adding a touch to everyday life as reminders of God’s presence and grace.

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Receive 10% off your order with promo code 10PARLAGRACE


Prince Designs
Prince Design specializes in helping you make your house a home by adding one of a kind wooden signs and custom door decor that brings your home to life.

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Save 20% off any purchase with promo code HOUSEFENWAY


Queen Bee Wreath
Business location:Missouri
“Taking my camera out to shoot photos and working in my shop creating the look of nature through my floral wreaths and assorted pots and other floral pieces is what brings me happiness. My unique designs incorporate many of the things seen in nature. I’ve always been told I have my own “style” of design. I know what I like and try to offer that to others. Seeing pleasure on the faces of others when they admire the beauty they see in a mix of berries, vines and flowers is one reason I can’t stop doing what I do. All my work is my own. I started in floral design straight out of high school and have kept my hands in it through every other thing I’ve done in my life, which includes teaching school and raising my children. I’ll never get this love for the beauty around me out of my system. That’s a good thing.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 7.35.26 AM.png

Raising Green Kids
Business location: Virginia
Raising Green Kids is a mom-owned small business committed to making stylish eco-friendly and natural items for your home.  Decorative and sustainable items such as felted wool dryer balls, unpaper towels, unbleached flour sack towels, owie bags, and more.

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:

Save 15% off any purchase with promo code MAKERHOLIDAY


Rust + Wire
Business location: Colorado
Rust+Wire is a {husband & wife duo} who thrive off innovation, sunflower seeds, Netflix & sawdust covered everything. What was just a hobby quickly became a local business & now has expanded to Etsy! ALL of our items are hand-made & hand painted!

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Save 15% off any purchase with promo code FENWAY15 (excludes clocks)


The Rusty Maple
Business location: Ohio
“My shop is all about repurposing, reusing, and recycling, but making it cute! I like making minis, (tea towel ladders, barn doors, trees, pumpkins etc)”

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Save 10% off any purchase with promo code FENWAY10


ShutterTree Photos
Business location: Ohio
ShutterTree Photos offers fine art photography prints and home decor by photographer Christine Beadnell.

Special Holiday Gift Guide Offers:
Save 10% off any purchase with promo code HOLIDAY


Skittish Coyote
Business location: Kentucky
“I crochet modern winter wares and home goods. I love making scarves and slouchy hats that you will wear out to grab a coffee with friends, play tag football, or view Christmas lights in.”

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Something Gray
Business location: California
Something Gray….is Handmade. Vintage. Unique. Each piece tells a story. The colors, textures, prints and fabrics have been handpicked, giving new life to what once was.

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Sugar River Farmhouse
Business location: Wisconsin
Located in the heart of Wisconsin, Sugar River Farmhouse sells a curated collection of farmhouse décor and antique reproductions including kitchen items, florals, home décor and Rae Dunn.

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Terra Cottage
Business location: California
Terra Cottage started out as a creative outlet and has become my full-time job.  I went from cutting sign frames by hand at my dining table in my 700 square foot Hollywood apartment to offering a much larger product line in both my own physical retail location at 8405 Sierra College Blvd, Suite B, Roseville, CA 95661

terracottageshop.com and terracottageshop.etsy.com.

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Thirty One Girl at Home
Business location: Ohio
Do you love home decor? Fixer Upper? Shiplap? One or all of the above? Then this is the perfect gift for you or someone you love! This 15 oz, ceramic, “Shiplap is my Love Language” campfire mug is Thirty One Girl at Home’s very first product and she’s excited for all of you to get your hands around one!

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Good November 7 – December 7, 2017.



Timber + Lilly
Business location: Arizona
Unique wood signs, baby clothes and toys. Items for your little ones made from the heart.

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Wick + Fiber
Business location: Arizona
Wick + Fiber owned by a hard-working SAHM of seven. Specializing in hand-woven wall hangings, bunting and soy candles.

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Zo & Jordan
Business location: Washington
Zo & Jordan sells farmhouse-inspired kraft paper details such as scrolls and table runners.  Everything is made in-house with recycled kraft paper and water-based ink.