Dual-Purpose Décor: Stemless Wine Glasses

Dual-Purpose Décor: Stemless Wine Glasses

I love decorating. The discovery. The arranging. The organization. It’s like sculpting with objects. To me, one of the most enjoyable things about decorating is thinking outside the box. Taking an item and using it in an unconventional way. It’s exciting to find alternative purposes for things. So, I decided to start an ongoing blog series called “Dual-Purpose Décor” to share ideas on using décor outside the box.

This week’s dual-purpose décor item is a stemless wine glass. I picked up these beautiful ombré copper stemless wine glasses at TJMaxx. Keeping with this Fall’s trend, copper is huge right now! I thought these would be a great warm addition at my holiday table.


Well, how else can you use a stemless wine glass? I needed some quick and inexpensive table decorations for an anniversary dinner earlier this month. I didn’t want to order floral centerpieces. They were very expensive and for this small dinner, it seemed impractical. So, I decided to use those same stemless wine glasses as candle holders! I dropped some scentless candles contained in their own glass (to protect the wine glasses from the candle wax) and voilá! Instant table decor! They were perfect. Just the right size, inexpensive and looked very sophisticated. The best part, when the party was done, they can go back to being used for wine. Love it. So practical!



Stay tuned for future posts on more Dual-Purpose Décor ideas. Enjoy!

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DIY: Easy Thanksgiving Napkin Ring

DIY: Easy Thanksgiving Napkin Ring

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. What a wonderful time of year. A season full of yummy food, getting together with family and holiday decorating! (Oh and football. Can’t forget about football!) One of my favorite things to do to prep for Thanksgiving dinner, the tablescape. Picking out the tablecloth, the napkins, the place cards and the centerpiece — the most fun! This year I started earlier than usual gathering items to piece together our Thanksgiving table and came up with an easy and inexpensive napkin ring that I wanted to share with you. All the items came from, dare I say it, the DOLLAR STORE! I think even the most inexperienced crafter can handle this one.



Napkins (cloth work best)

A Roll of Natural Jute Twine

A Roll of Burlap Ribbon

A Sprig Faux Fall Leaves.



Start with all of the cutting first. Cut a piece of burlap ribbon 5 inches long, a piece of jute twine 3 ft long and another piece of jute twine 12 inches long. These three pieces will be used to construct the bow and ring.


Take the piece of burlap ribbon and pinch in the center. Take the 3 foot piece of jute twine and tie it in a knot around the center of the burlap ribbon.



img_0544Start winding the jute twine around the burlap ribbon until you get almost to the end. The more evenly you wind the twine, working from one side to the other, the nicer it will look.


Once you’ve reached the end, pick up the last loop and stick the end through that loop making a slip-knot.


You now have constructed the bow! Now to attach it to the napkin.


Take the 12 inch piece of twine and loop it through the back of the center of the bow.


Pinch the corners of the napkin together and place the bow on top tightly wrapping the 1 foot piece of twine around the napkin. Wind the twine to secure the bow to the napkin and neatly tie a knot on the back to finish it off.



Now to jazz it up! I cut up a sprig of faux fall leaves and tucked a single leaf into the top of the ring. The possibilities are endless as to what you could add: pinecones, a sprig of rosemary, a real leaf from the yard, a branch of evergreen. You can be as creative as you want. Have fun with it!


Here is a place setting using the finished product:


I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy!